Featured Facilities

At Now Find Relief, we believe that health care should be patient-centered. That is why we have strategically placed our Now Find Relief facilities throughout the DFW area to conveniently reach people with chronic neck and back pain.

DFW Locations

  • We have numerous locations throughout the DFW area.
  • All our facilities are state of the art and are patient focused.
  • Our goal is quality patient care as you walk through our locations.
  • Our professionals work with care and compassion

Waiting Area

  • Our waiting rooms allow family members to stay close without compromising the patient during their recovery.
  • Easy arrival and check in times with staff eager to help.
  • Our staff will keep you updated throughout your loved one’s surgical procedure.
  • Our goal is to provide waiting families with a relaxed atmosphere.

Recovery Room

  • The recovery room staff will pay particular attention to the patient’s respiration, or breathing, as the patient recovers from anesthesia.
  • The length of time in a recovery room varies depending on the type of surgery and anesthetic you received.
  • Updates are given to family members.
  • We strive to provide our patients and their family the best services and atmosphere for a healthy recovery.