MRI Services

MRI Services

Imaging procedures are one of the most useful tools for diagnosing a range of illnesses and conditions. All imaging procedure results are read and returned by our highly experienced team of board-certified radiologists on our medical staff within 24 hours – usually the same day.

When you consult with a physician regarding a back pain diagnosis, he or she will typically request one or more imaging scans. While a physical examination can help your physician gain a better understanding of your symptoms, imaging scans will likely be needed to confirm the specific cause of your discomfort.

NOW Find Relief radiologists and technologists are all licensed and certified for specific areas of expertise. With a unified goal of providing very good service, our team is dedicated to making your experience smooth and providing the best possible imaging outcomes for your diagnosis and treatment. At NOW Find Relief, we believe that health care should be patient-centered. That is why we have strategically placed our NOW Find Relief facilities throughout the DFW area to conveniently reach people with chronic neck and back pain.

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